IP Syndication

Your Partner in Managing, Protecting and Monetizing Your Intellectual Property Content, helping clients make the most of their intellectual property content.

We are dedicated to helping you acquire, use, reuse, and monetize intellectual property content and trademarks.

Whether working with top executives on strategy, helping broker licensing deals, or partnering throughout the company on complex technology initiatives.

What we do

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Brand and Media Licensing

Helping you source and negotiate brand and content licensing deals, so you can bring in meaningful revenue to your business.

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Contract Administration

Helping you manage the lifecycle and data around your IP agreements, so you can have quick access and control of critical IP documents.

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Digital Assets and Media Management

Helping you define and implement DAM, MAM or CMS systems, so you have access and control of your IP assets.


Creating commercial value with the Pentagon Effect.

Elizabeth Sloane uses a methodology called the Pentagon effect to assess companies and develop solutions to close the gaps discovered.

Elizabeth Sloane powers businesses using digital transformation services designed to improve your company's productivity and efficiency.