About - Clients

Our Clients are our partners, the growth of their companies reflects greatly on the reputation of our own company. As a result, we are extremely partner-centric. We have strategically built a company that refines how clients view outsourcing. We are not an external body when you become a client, you are a partner. Elizabeth Sloane becomes apart of your executive team.


Increased revenue by 150% in 18 months. Developed and led the strategy to commercial market which resulted in a Trane distribution license and won over 15 major commercial contracts such as IGL, Jamaica Producers Group and Norman Manley International Airport.


We manage their management accounting.


Developed and led the strategy to market for Anywaredata - a subsidiary company of Islandnet which provides public data. We grew the presence to 12 parishes through strategic partnerships with companies such as Express Fitness and Eyeland Eyewear. We also led the sales team, resulting in 20% growth annually. Researched, developed and launched new products such as Social Wifi which is now being used by both JN Bank and Jamaica National Commercial Bank.


Uni- Control LLC Denmark is a Deal Origination client, attaining over $352M USD in deals.

GoogleX Ja-min

We served as Google X’s Procurement Team in Jamaica.


Implementing partners for their creative arts summer camp.

icreate at u-min

Spearheaded the strategy to market, which led to their first cohort. iCreate is now listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.


We are their procurement partners, improving their cash flow by 18%.

British C-min

Implementing partner for Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools. Our intervention led to increased participation and engagement by schools. In 8 months we established 14 partnerships islandwide and improved reporting process between schools and stakeholders.


Deal Origination and pre-arrangement.

Jamaica Yacht Club-min

Increased membership engagement and hospitality development leading to a 180% increase in revenue over 15 months.

SSL VC-min (1)

Performed management accounting for their portfolio of companies including SSLVC, MUSE, Bar Central and Bluedot.


Our Jamaican Procurement partners.

Dental Hub-min

Developed their business plan which raised over 10M start-up capital.

Israel Gp Ltd-min

We perform transaction due diligence and management accounting for their portfolio of companies. Leading to increased governance, streamlined business processes, improved revenue channels, clearly defined products, and increased revenue of over 68% in 12 months.


We restructured and streamlined Animalcare Veterinary Services business processes.