Destination Jamaica Open for Global Business


By Elizabeth Sloane | Business Facilitation Services

Brand Jamaica has been known for its music, sports, ganja, rum, beer, beaches, rivers, and people but never has it been known for business globally as it is today. Last Wednesday Prime Minister Andrew Holness said at the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority official opening “ Jamaica is  “The businesses within the economic zone generally face a 12.5 percent tax, and there are clear criteria for special economic zone status to be accorded to them. Specifically, they would have to be new enterprises, and they would have to be generating significant employment,”  but then concludes with saying Jamaica is open for business.

Economically Jamaica has been experiencing lots of interest from the global business players. With Fujitsu, Campari, Heineken, Sutherland, CMA CGA to name a few of multinational companies not only setting up shop but expanding exponentially in Jamaica.  Ask yourself why? It is because players in mature markets need to invest in emerging markets for better returns on investment and Jamaica is positioned for just that.

Outside of its people speaking English for the rapid growth of the BPO industry, Jamaica is geographically located in the center of both North and South America and closest to the Panama Canal making it a gateway for trade in the western region. From a trade standpoint, it is the most favorable country to be called the Logistic Hub of the Western World.

Investors, however, ask where do I start if I wanted to invest in Jamaica?  outside of investment relations at the various government agents such as JAMPRO, SZA, there is Elizabeth Sloane & Company Limited who provides a hassle-free access to the benefits and opportunities Jamaica offers.