Sourcing opportunities in the financial world is often the gridlock of revenue. It’s one of the more time-consuming, but crucial tasks used for keeping a full pipeline and meeting revenue targets. Even the most well-connected companies still need to keep a warm network so as to remain top-of-mind when the next big opportunity crops.

Elizabeth Sloane identifies global investment opportunities and ensures large volume of deals are obtained to maintain a viable deal flow.

Capital Raising Support

Equity Financing.

Debt Financing.

Private Placement.

Deal Sourcing & Due Diligence

Protect and enhance your private equity investments through comprehensive due diligence and investigate attractive investment opportunities.

Sell-side Transaction Support

We assist sellers to prepare for the buyer’s due diligence and complete review to ensure that your value is not compromised. We also advise on valuation and provide general negotiation support.

Governance & Control Support

We provide corporate restructuring and governance support for underperforming companies as well as for emerging and middle-market companies following a merger or acquisition

Stock Market Listing Preparation

Assess your readiness and adequately prepare your company for capital raising before going public.

Market Entry Advisory

We provide local knowledge regarding regulatory, financial, taxation and commercial issues to help identify opportunities and manage risk. Our experts can support you through your investment decision-making process and advise you on a range of foreseen issues.