Helping Government navigate national food security challenges.

We accelerate Change that Matters and deliver transformational impact for Government and Private Sector by helping them optimize yields, navigate disruptive agricultural trends, and proactively prepare for shifts in policies through advanced analytics, consumer insight, and expertise in agriculture, business development, market development. Capacity building and business management.


Fresh-food Supply Chains

We use an end-to-end perspective on supply-chain management to help our clients reduce shrinkage and optimize the quality and cost of their fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Rural Development

We help national governments and development partners in emerging economies develop their agriculture sectors, and we work with donor agencies and foundations that support rural agriculture.

Farm Operations

Increasingly, we are developing approaches that help farm operators and land-holding management companies drive operational improvements.

Agricultural Transformation

Global food and agriculture systems are in need of transformation—from malnourished populations to antiquated farming practices that are taking a toll on the environment. We help support agricultural transformations at the regional, national, and local levels by working alongside leaders in public, private, and social-sector organizations—creating alliances and partnerships with organizations to accelerate transformational impact.